Monday, April 22, 2013

Socks into Arm Warmers

In celebration of Earth Day, let's re-purpose something.

How about those great knee-high argyle socks that have holes in the toes and heels? The important part of the sock is worn thin and pretty much useless now, but the section that goes from ankle to knee never wears out. It would be a shame to waste all that colorful fabric.

And so the socks become arm warmers! This morning, I made it a 30-second project by just snipping across the toes. If you want to finish them off and ensure no unravelling, you'll probably want to sew the edge.

You might wonder what is the point of arm warmers when you could just wear a long-sleeve shirt. See, while I'm biking in cooler weather, my core heats up from the exertion while my extremities remain frozen in the wind. Layering a jacket over two shirts only makes my armpits sweat more. Get the drift? I need more layers around my arms than I do around my chest.

Brightly colored argyle does just the trick. Maybe it will also make me noticeable to drivers.

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