Friday, April 26, 2013

Arbor Day - Did you know?

Did you plant a tree today? Me neither. No space. I suppose I could have a bonsai in my cubicle...

Actually, I almost forgot about Arbor Day until earlier this week I noticed colorful tags hanging from the skinny trees that line the streets of downtown Chicago. Morton Arboretum was advertising the benefits of trees with a bunch of "Did you know" tags that told us why every tree matters. I thought it was neat even though I already did know most of their facts:

 1. Trees clean the air we breathe. Well, duh.
 2. Trees keep us cooler. Yep, made in the shade.
 3. Trees increase our homes' value. I can see how.
 4. Trees help us relax. You're kidding.
 5. Trees make our streets quieter. Noise buffers. Makes sense.

But one was new to me and led me to "learn more at"

 6. Trees make our cities safer. What?
According to the arboretum's website, in areas near trees and natural landscapes, there is less domestic violence and fewer crimes, and people drive slower. Hm. Probably because everyone is so relaxed.

On Morton Arboretum's website (already linked above) you can read more details about all six of those tidbits as well as a few more, so check them out. And, if you can't actually plant a tree to celebrate Arbor Day today, at least go spend some time appreciating trees. Walk past one, admire it, hug it, climb it, talk to it, whatever.

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