Thursday, March 11, 2021

Foosball table restoration

Jay Blades is everywhere. We first encountered the funky style of this furniture restorer on a show called "Money for Nothing." People would be about to throw something into the dump when host Sarah Moore would rescue it, take it to one of her many artisan/designer associates for upcycling, then sell it and give that money back to the original owner. Your trash was worth something! Jay usually painted one leg of a chair a neon color.

Then, we found "The Repair Shop" on Netflix. Oh, how funny, there's Jay Blades again. This time, he's helping restore old things to their former glory, the only style updates sometimes being a modern upholstery fabric.

Most recently, we discovered "Gok's Fill Your House for Free." It's actually a few years older but just as fun to watch. Think thrift-store and curbside furniture upcycled into cool pieces for home remodeling projects. And, of course, Jay Blades is one of the designers, splashing his bright colors and mod designs on dressers, desks, headboards, and a valet stand.

Anyway, in the spirit of rescuing and restoring home goods, here's one of the latest projects at our house:

Len had already built new legs for this old foosball table we picked off the curb last January, and now he's restoring the game-play components. Polishing rusty rods, replacing a broken guy, cleaning the bumpers and bearings. In the top left, you can barely make out the mess of tiny ball bearings waiting to be put back in.


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