Thursday, December 3, 2020

Gingerbread Foursquare: Construction begins

What started as creative enhancement of boxed gingerbread house kits -- graham cracker additions onto the house, extra candy for custom adornments, a few homemade gingerbread cookies to add people or trees to the "yard" -- has this year become a from-scratch architectural adventure.

That's right, more graph paper!

A guesstimated template of our own American Foursquare house, a sturdy-yet-tasty gingerbread recipe, and some lessons learned along the way for next time.

What better way to celebrate our new old house's 110th (probably) Christmas than by creating a gingerbread version of her?

Here we have some Hershey bars as the foundation blocks and some random plastic containers supporting the empty side of a wall where the bay window pieces will go.

This is a days-long project, because we're not under the showstopper clock in the Great British Baking Show tent, and we have other daily responsibilities. So, construction is underway, and I will post again with further progress (hopefully, the finished house) as well as more details, like those lessons learned.


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