Friday, February 16, 2018

Adventures in Cake Decorating #5 - TV and Movie Cakes, Part 2

Continuing the collection of TV- and movie-themed cakes I've created in recent history... (Part 1 here; look ahead to Part 3 here.)

Cars Cakes
I enjoyed designing this birthday cake with my sister. The race track is crushed Oreos, and the road signs and cones are foam stickers on toothpicks. We created the ramp/bridge by cutting two cupcakes into wedges and laying a small piece of cardboard across. I tried to give the grass tufts more dimension by striping a little brown icing in the piping bag with the green.

I repeated the idea soon after for a dinner at church kicking off REV Wednesdays. "REV" at the time stood for "Raising Every Voice," but because it also had a "rev your engines" energy, there had been a race car theme.

This time I did a round two-tier cake, with an Oreo track spiraling up the tiers and paper decorations on toothpicks.

Frozen Cake
It's too bad this wasn't an ice cream cake, because that would have completed the "Frozen" theme, but this was another one baked and assembled pretty quickly in the short hours before the party.

On the bottom tier, there are swirls in three shades of blue, growing lighter from bottom to top, the color and technique both skills I was still improving upon as I went. Then the middle tier a periwinkle purple with white snowflakes piped on, while strategically dripping white icing forms a sort of snow cliff on top.

Olaf's head as the topper is made of two cupcakes cut and sculpted a bit and stacked together top-to-top (the top one is upside down) to get his sort of bulbous, tapered head shape. If we had done more planning ahead, I'm sure we could have found some candy to use as his stick arms, but in a pinch, we made them out of twisted paper.

Cookie Monster Cupcakes
I can't take any credit for this cupcake idea, copied right off the internet. I can tell you it was the easiest decorating job ever, and turned out very cute—as you can see. The little chocolate chip cookies are Famous Amos bite-size; we broke them in half before sticking them into the frosting. You can find the candy eyeballs in the baking aisle of a grocery or craft store.

The ABC and 123 cookies we made in similar fashion as the WordWorld character cookies, just placing them with edges touching on the cookie sheet so each set baked together as one cookie. But, do you want to know a secret? I don't have number cookie cutters.

So, the number 1 is the letter I, the 2 is a Z that I mushed into shape, and the 3 is a backwards E, also mushed a little. Ta-da!

Trolls Cake
My sister and I seriously considered making spun-sugar troll hair for this cake, which would have elevated the cake to a new level of awesome... maybe another time.

Instead we went the easier route and stuck with buttercream. Simple round cake and rainbow colors, topped with three cupcakes mounded with icing to represent a few troll heads. If you can't tell, the pink one with the blue bow is Princess Poppy.

And that sums up our adventures in TV and movie themes. So far.

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