Thursday, March 28, 2013

Adventurously Green

Almost exactly a year ago, I signed up on Practically Green to compare our habits against a list of environmentally responsible ideals, to set goals that would improve our greenness and to in turn earn badges that would, well, be just for fun.

I had lamented that the "Healthy Green Lunch" badge was rather unattainable for us because our grocery budget just isn't suited to include so many organic items, but I was going to work on a few improvements in this area anyway, like using glass containers in the microwave instead of plastic and making reusable sandwich bags. ...Still working on those. We have taken salad or soup in mason jars for lunch a few times, but we regularly use those ubiquitous cheap plastic lunch containers, the safety of which always seems to be under review.

There are other goals I have made and completed, though, like recycling our old running shoes (the Nike store at a nearby outlet mall had a drop-off), cancelling our yellow pages delivery via, and recycling a stockpile of plastic grocery bags at our grocery store's drop-off. And badges I've earned: Conscious Consumer, Eco-Commuter, Frugalista, Grow Your Own and DIY. These have earned me enough points to go up a level from "Solidly Green" to "Adventurously Green." I like the title. Maybe I shouldn't add anymore green actions so as to keep it...

No, actually I do have some new goals to complete over the summer, and even then, I don't think they'll add up to the amount of points required to move up another level. Regardless, it's not about badges and levels (though that makes it more fun, doesn't it?). Here are a few of my goals:
Switch to reusable sandwich bags. For real this time!
Switch to a reusable coffee filter.
Join a community-supported fishery. If there is such a thing in my community.
Donate clothes to charity. You know that pile has been sitting there for months.
Plant a rain garden.
Install rain barrels. Dare I pester the homeowners' association?

Earth Day's coming up. The perfect time for such verdant goals. What are yours?


  1. I had no idea you could opt out of the Yellow Book. I just did. Don't know if it will matter since I live in an apt., but maybe that's one fewer book to print.