Monday, March 5, 2012

Almost Halfway to Halving...

Two weeks ago, I abashedly admitted we were using twice the electricity we should be ("Doubling the Effort...").  And, I can only reasonably account for a very small need for increase in usage. (When Len's up until midnight grading papers, well, the lights must be on!)  Our bad habits (or rather, our shortfall in maintaining certain good habits) are the main reason our electricity bill went up. 

I pledged to take back up our electricity-conserving endeavor, mostly just unplugging anything that is just sitting there, and I am happy to report that our February ComEd bill shows that we used about 60 fewer kilowatt hours than we did during each of the two previous months. 

That's still not quite half of the reduction I'm shooting for, but keep in mind that this latest bill only reflects half a month's effort.  And, yes—I'll give it to you—February is two days shorter than most months, so maybe that tempers the results a bit.  Anyway, the March bill will hopefully show great improvement.

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