Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'd Like to Thank the Bees

Thanks to the hardworking drones buzzing around our garden plot, like this guy on the left, just covered in pollen inside one of the pumpkin blossoms, we have some baby fruits and vegetables to nurture. So exciting! Our garden has not become a jungle yet, but leaves are getting big, and vines are stretching out. As I watered the garden for the first time in weeks yesterday, I also picked carefully through the plants more thoroughly than I have lately, and I am proud to share what I found: baby pumpkins, up to the size of a golf ball, baby butternut squash about as big as my thumb, and even some baby watermelon, no bigger than my fingernail! Aren't they cute? I hope we can bring them all to to a delicious, ripe maturity. We also picked our first cucumber and have several others steadily growing. The corn is getting taller but has no tassels yet. And, in our front yard, a few small, green tomatoes are hanging out. How does your garden grow?


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