Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kitchen Waste-Nots

A friend recommended a great website to me, and I also think it's pretty great, so I have to forward the recommendation. It's called Re-Nest, and it is so frequently updated, that I can't keep up with its abundance of DIY and green ideas.

One idea from today is How To Waste (Almost) Nothing in the Kitchen. It boils down to five basic things, all of which I am happy to say we already do (most of the time):
  1. Switch from paper to cloth (paper napkins and paper towels become cloth napkins and cloth rags)
  2. Compost as much as possible
  3. Recycle as much as possible
  4. Pack leftovers in reusable, reheatable containers (avoid plastic wraps and plastic bags)
  5. Make and use a grocery list to avoid purchasing things you don't need (and might then toss later)
I would add one more—one we still need to work on at home—and that is to scrutinize the packaging of your grocery purchases and aim to buy things with as little non-recyclable packaging as possible, so you trash as few wrappers as possible.

Any other kitchen waste-nots you would share?

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