Monday, June 8, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere

Our front porch looks out onto a meditation park with a water feature and a very thorough sprinkler system. When I say thorough, I mean to say that it's not uncommon to see the sprinklers soaking the grass and surrounding landscaping even after a couple days of rain or, as in the case of the picture above, during a significant rainfall event (note the large puddle that's formed underneath the pine tree). I'm all for green grass, but that seems like a bit much, doesn't it?
I think Midwesterners such as ourselves–which live just a stone's throw away from 1,180 cubic miles of fresh water–sometimes take our situation for granted. Meanwhile, the Southwest continues to ration precious H20 as Lake Mead–America's largest reservoir–is sucked dry by a growing local population.
Granted, the news on the homefront isn't all bad; my property manager tells me that the sprinklers use water recycled from the park's pond, and the pond itself is supplied by a well. Still, we don't live on a golf course, so why not turn the sprinklers off when it rains? Apparently it's too difficult to call the service personnel to have them shut off. Perhaps I should raise the issue at the next board meeting and suggest using smart sensors that accurately measure soil moisture levels, thus preventing the park from becoming a squishy, water-logged mess.
Does anyone else have a similar story of water overuse/abuse? We'd be interested to hear from you!

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