Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gadgets that Save You Energy and Money: Guest post by Dan Harrison

As fossil fuels diminish, energy costs are going to keep rising until we have a viable alternative energy source. Until then, you can minimize your energy bills by using as little energy as possible. So in the interest of saving energy, here are a collection of gadgets for your home that should help you reduce your energy bills.

Central heating is great for keeping you cozy and warm, but your house is losing heat; you'll be wasting energy. The Thermal Leak Detector from Black & Decker is essentially a remote thermometer gadget that helps you find cold patches in a room. The detector shines a beam of light onto the part of the wall you're checking. The color of the light changes from red to blue when a cold spot is detected. The temperature of the cold spot is also shown on the LCD display on the detector. By finding the cold spots, you can then patch them up and save more energy.
For the kitchen, you can make your morning breakfast more eco-friendly with a Morphy Richards Ecolectric Toaster. The toaster saves up to 35% of the energy compared to a conventional toaster. The Ecolectric Toaster uses a special cover that closes when you start to cook your toast, resulting in less energy needed to cook the toast. The toaster also uses a motorized carriage to ensure your toast is evenly cooked. It's a bit more costly than a standard toaster, but it will save you money if your family eats loads of toast.
Do you love your cups of tea or coffee? Well the eco kettle is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to only boil the water you need. Using a special chamber of water, you release the water you need into the main kettle compartment to boil it. On average, people boil twice as much water compared to what they actually need, so this simple kettle should save energy pretty quickly!

Perhaps something for the bathroom? Namely the EcoDrain. The EcoDrain is a clever heat exchanging device that uses the excess heat from waste shower water and uses it to preheat the cold water inlet to the shower. This means the shower's heater uses 25–40% less energy compared to using just cold water from the mains. The EcoDrain has no moving parts, but it does have a non-stick coating on its waste pipe to ensure it doesn't get clogged by dirt and debris. What makes the EcoDrain practical is that it needs very little plumbing work to fit it into your existing shower system!

I hope you enjoyed reading about these interesting energy saving gadgets. This article was written by Dan Harrison who writes about eco gadgets for EnviroGadget features all kinds of gadgets and technology that save water, save energy or just do something to help save the planet!

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