Sunday, April 19, 2009

Speaking of Earth Day...

Nicole and I also participated in Earth Hour back on March 28. Hurried home from the folks to unscrew our garage and porch lights (which are activated by stupidly hyper-sensitive light sensors). Rather than unplug everything in the house, I just flipped all the fuses in the fuse box, and, look at that, the meter's dial came to a halt.

Looking across the park we saw some houses that appeared to be participating, but probably an equal number of houses that didn't seem to be taking it seriously. It was cool to get rid of some of the unnecessary light pollution...even if it had a slightly post-apocalyptic vibe to it ("no phones no lights no motorcars, not a single luxury..."). Why don't we do this Earth Hour more often? And why is Earth Hour not on Earth Day? I'm curious to know. Might have to look into that.

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