Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recycling and Freecycling

Since I bring home a lot of recycling from work (you wouldn't believe how much recyclable food packaging a department of 10 people produces in a week), our City of Aurora recycling bin is usually overflowing with bottles and cans come Friday morning.

I used to go out to the garage on Thursday night and stomp all the cans down under my shoe so that everything would fit and not blow all over the alley. It got to the point, though, that this was taking way too much time. Sometimes the can would shoot out from under me and slide under the car. And it wasn't doing my shoes any favors, either.

So I got a wall-mounted can crusher! Watch as Nicole demonstrates.

I know, real exciting stuff. I named it Beverly after Dr. Beverly Crusher on Star Trek. Yeah, yeah, I'm a nerd. It's Nicole's fault, she has season 1 on DVD.

Anywhoo...the really exciting part is that I got it for free from my freecycle group - an online community where you can post items you're looking for, or post items you're trying to get rid of, and people from your neighborhood come pick the items up. It's not swapping or bartering, it's just people that want to keep their old stuff out of the landfills. And as you can see, ol' Bev's still got some life left in her.

For more info, check out and find a group near you.

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